Showbox ‘cannot play video’ and ‘server not available’ on Android

Showbox is as yet a standout amongst the most well known media spilling applications around and appears to be extremely famous surely if the TechJunkie letter box is anything to pass by. Despite the fact that the application has developed a great deal since discharge, there are still some repeating mistakes that show up. They incorporate ‘Can’t play video’, ‘Video not accessible, attempt another server’ and ‘Server down or Server inaccessible’. This is what to do on the off chance that you see those mistakes when utilizing Android.

Showbox ‘cannot play video’

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I have utilized Showbox a considerable amount over the previous year and I seldom observe issues. When I have, one of the accompanying fixes for the most part tends to whatever is turning out badly. Luckily, the same fixes work for a large portion of the blunders you will experience.


The main fix I generally propose with any application blunder or issue is to reboot the telephone. It just pauses for a moment and can flush out any design issues or memory blunders that may cause the issue. Regardless of whether it doesn’t settle it, you wipe the slate clean prepared for additionally investigating measures.

Much the same as rebooting your PC to settle numerous Windows issues, a speedy reboot of your cell phone accomplishes a similar thing. It chips away at Android and iPhone and ought to dependably be the main thing you do while investigating.


Of the majority of the Showbox blunders I get the opportunity to find out about, the ‘can’t play video mistake’ is most regular for new clients. This mistake normally shows up in light of the fact that your default media player can’t deal with the organization the motion picture is in. To settle it, we just include an alternate video player.

Showbox clients prescribe MX Player. It’s free, underpins loads of configurations and plays pleasantly with Showbox. Then again, you could attempt VLC for Android.

  • Download and introduce MX Player from the Google Play Store.
  • Close down Showbox and it’s experience procedure or reboot your telephone.
  • Open Showbox and take a stab at playing the motion picture once more.
  • Showbox ought to naturally get the new media player and start playing.


On the off chance that you see ‘server inaccessible’ or ‘server not accessible’ this is likewise a typical blunder. I have seen this one myself a couple of times and each time I encountered it, the issue was nothing to do with servers except for the application reserve. That makes the fix snappy and simple.

  • Stop the Showbox application and close it down.
  • Explore to Android Settings, App Manager and after that the Showbox application.
  • Select Clear information and let the procedure finish.
  • Select Clear store and let the procedure finish.
  • Restart Showbox and retest

I don’t exactly know why clearing the application reserve settles these mistakes however I get it either gets tainted, the documents move or the server IP address changes which isn’t reflected in the store.


There are a few other irregular issues that incidentally happen with Showbox that don’t have particular fixes. In the event that clearing the reserve above doesn’t cure the circumstance, you could attempt an application refresh or reinstalling the application totally.

To refresh Showbox you can either choose Update from the Apps Like Showbox notice bar when it shows up or physically introduce a new form. Both work if there is a more current form discharge. Once in a while it is helpful to download the APK over again and reinstall it totally. This should settle most issues you may have.

As you are reinstalling, you won’t have to set up Unknown Sources as you did when you first set it up. That is an Android setting and doesn’t change. I have done this two or three times when I couldn’t settle server blunders by clearing the reserve. For reasons unknown, reinstalling the application worked.

Showbox is an incredible little application that performs soundly well thinking of it as isn’t an authority application. It streams well, offers access to an immense scope of substance and has a straightforward, successful interface. It has the odd issue or hurl the odd mistake yet so do different applications. Play out any of these means above and you ought to have Showbox up and running again in a matter of seconds.

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Got some other fixes for ‘can’t play video’ and ‘server not accessible’ and other Showbox mistakes? Inform us regarding them beneath on the off chance that you do!