What is the GSA Schedule? 
For a complete explanation of the GSA Schedule and how it can help you, click here.

How can DKA help my company? 
The answer is up to you. We have a very broad range of services related to government contracting, and we can provide any and all of them to you if you like.  We have two primary service areas: 1) We help companies bid on government contracts, and 2) we help companies get on the GSA Schedule.  However, we provide a host of services related to each.  For example, in order to bid on a contract you must first find the solicitation and then review it to determine if it’s a smart opportunity for you to pursue.  Can you do the work?  Do you meet the minimum requirements?  How do you measure up to the evaluation criteria? Then if you win the contract you can take advantage of our contract administration support services to ensure it runs smoothly and profitably.  Call us to find out more about how we can help you.

What is a Proposal?
A proposal answers the government’s questions about who’s the best choice to provide a product or service.

What if we already have staff capable of preparing proposals?
Some of our existing clients do, too. Companies utilize us for a variety of reasons:
• Some have never pursued the government marketplace and want some initial guidance
• Some have had a lot of success winning government contracts or getting on the GSA Schedule with their own staff, but don’t have the time to prepare a particular proposal, and they trust outsourcing the work to a group who knows what it takes to be successful
• Some used to have a staff, but they find working with us is a more efficient way of preparing their proposals, and they like that we do all the leg work every day looking for new opportunities at no cost to them

Do we have to pay if we don’t win the contract?
As a small company we are not able to cover all of the costs associated with preparing all of our clients’ proposals for government contracts, but we do cover half. There is always a cost involved in doing everything possible to win a government contract whether you hire us or do it yourself. A company can incur all the expense and all the work, or they can let us share in the cost, as well as the work.

Do we have to pay for consultation?
You’ll never be asked to pay for consultation. Any costs to you are only after you agree to hire us to help you prepare your proposal.

Even though DKA is based in Florida, can we still work together?
Absolutely. We’ve helped companies from all over the U.S. win hundreds of government contracts from our offices in Florida.

How does DKA get paid?
Our fee structure is such that our client pays for half of what it costs us to prepare their proposal, and we pay for the other half. If our clients win government contracts, we receive whatever compensation we agreed to in the beginning. The upfront costs cover the following:
• Identifying and analyzing the solicitation documents and all attachments and amendments
• Submitting any questions to the agency
• Submitting FOIA requests for current contract information
• Requesting and obtaining all requisite information from our client
• Preparing the written and costing volumes
• Sending the volumes to the client for approval or changes
• Preparing and submitting the final, approved proposal to the government, as well as a copy to the client
• Going through the rounds of evaluation (submitting CR’s/Dr’s, BAFO, etc.) up to award of the contract
When you’re awarded government contracts, our post award support services will be provided to you throughout the life of the contract to ensure that it runs as smoothly and as profitably as possible. Primarily these services entail preparing proposals for modification to the contract. These modifications (mods) will be associated with the annual changes to the Department of Labor wages, as well as changes to the performance requirements of the contract. Government contracts generally have many of these mods over their duration, and preparing the responses is one of the things we do here every day.

Who decides on the prices we bid in our proposals?
We can offer advice and guidance on the pricing matters for most industries.  We can also obtain all releasable information about the current contract and the incumbent contractor, but the ultimate decision of what prices you will propose is up to you.

How do we get started?
To find out what DKA can do for you, please contact us today.