Government Contracting Capability Statement

DeSutter, Kerr & Associates, Inc. (DKA) has been assisting companies win Federal Government contracts since
our inception in August of 1995. We employ a core of experienced and highly qualified personnel in marketing,
proposal management and preparation, cost estimating and ancillary services that enables us to provide
companies with superior services in all aspects of proposal efforts. Our expertise is not in our clients’ line of
business; that is their specialty; our expertise is in understanding Federal, State and other procurement systems
and knowing what is required to prepare and submit a winning proposal in response to a Government/Agency

We have worked with companies in diverse fields ranging from ambulance services to technology services and
just about everything in between. We have been successful in each field, not by our knowledge of the particular
service, but by working closely with our clients and building on their expertise to prepare the best possible
proposal for Government/Agency review. We still prepare proposals for the very first client we had when we
opened our doors for business‐‐‐a record that very few companies can match.

DKA has also been highly successful in assisting companies acquire General Services Administration (GSA),
Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contracts. This contracting vehicle is utilized
extensively by almost every branch of the Federal Government because it comprises companies that have met
stringent standards and thus have been “pre‐approved” for Government contracts. To date, we have helped
over 300 companies successfully gain their GSA Schedules and we continue to add to that number.

Most recently, DKA has begun a “Total Outsourcing Services” program whereby we provide multiple services to
a client under a blanket agreement for an agreed upon period of time. These services range from finding
potential bid opportunities to managing proposals, from maintaining GSA Schedule contracts to providing
ancillary services that enable our clients to concentrate on their businesses, while we concentrate on helping
their businesses grow and expand.

DKA has proven to be a decisive asset for companies both large and small through our knowledge and
understanding of the procurement systems in use today by the various agencies throughout the country. Our
focus has been and will continue to be assisting our clients with pursuing, winning and successfully operating
contracts. This is what our company does and this is the only thing on which we focus, assuring our clients that
we are there when needed to provide whatever assistance we can to promote success in their endeavors.

Many of our clients are repeat business, while others contact us due to recommendations by current/satisfied
customers. Regardless of how we contact a potential client, or a potential client contacts us, the goal is the
same: success in pursuing and winning contracts. Our contracting experience, coupled with the industry specific
experience of our clients, has shown that with the right combination of assets, success in contracting is
achievable, affordable and consistent.

DKA has proven time and again that providing companies with a total solution to Federal/Agency contracting
coupled with our philosophy of “we do what we say we will do”, has enabled us to grow and succeed in a
complex contracting environment. DKA does not make empty promises, and if we tell a client we will do
something related to their contracting effort, it will get done.

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