GSA Schedule 36: The Office, Imaging and Document Solution

Number of 36 Contractors for FY 2010:          357

Reported FY 2010 Sales:                                     $745,819,860

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36 comprises the following categories (SINs):

51 500 Managed Print Services – Managed Print Services (MPS) includes equipment and services required to manage imaging output that may include printing, scanning, copying, and fax devices in a system that monitors and reports status, needs and usage trends on regular basis. The MPS plan may be based on a needs analysis completed under SIN 51 501. Services may include but are not limited to creating a business plan solution that incorporates recommendations for each existing piece of equipment (including removing/retirement/recycling/
disposal). The plan may be phased to allow for an orderly progression to the new output environment. The plan should take into account the usage and floor plan of the equipment.
165 205 Multimedia Office Cabinets, Displays, & Filing Systems Including Pocket Card Frames and Portfolios – Includes a wide range of multimedia office cabinets (e.g., aperture card, microfilm, microfiche, record keeping type), display and filing systems (e.g., file index desktop, powered/non rotary files, multimedia filing and storage products, racks, pocket card frames and portfolios, easel stands, plate holders) (including pocket card frames and portfolios). This SIN includes directly supplies, accessories and attachments. (MAS EXPRESS)
20 220 Projection Screen, Stand, Printer (Enlarger), Systems – Includes projection screens for all types of projection applications (including front and rear, portable, manual wall ceiling, or electronic wall or ceiling, or wall mount, tripod, theatre video screen, optical). Projection Stands can be used with or without electrical outlets, folding or non-folding, may be self-leveling. Projection printers (enlargers) allow vertical and/or horizontal projection and are designed for, and used specifically with, all types of projectors listed herein. The projection system is a high-definition electronic cinema projection system that delivers film-quality image and digital surround sound. This SIN also includes directly related accessories, attachments and supplies(SET ASIDE FOR SMALL BUSINESS; MAS EXPRESS)
20 300 Projectors & Electronic Whiteboards – Includes a wide range of projectors and electronic whiteboards. Projectors include both digital and still-picture projectors, (e.g., front screen, rear screen) and LCD, DLP multimedia, high output, theater projector wall/ceiling, opaque, tripod, palm-sized ceiling & overhead, 35mm slide projectors & viewers, and projecting sets including 16/35mm motion picture, silent/sound.

Directly related supplies, attachments and accessories (e.g., digital memory cards, transparency viewer, transparency lenses, and wireless single/dual remote control) are also included Electronic Whiteboards are interactive electronic whiteboards that can be used in conjunction with projectors to project digital images on the electronic whiteboard. It allows the user to capture, communicate, and interact in real-time, edit, and publish, or e-mail the information right from the PC desktop. Includes directly related attachments and accessories (e.g., digital memory cards, transparency viewer, lenses, easels, slide mounters to produce 2×2 slides mounted with 35mm transparency materials, including polyester base films, and wireless single/dual remote control(MAS EXPRESS)

47 145 Typewriters – Includes manual, non-electric/electric types, dictionary type, multilingual, electronic office, word processing, and professional/non-professional w/without disk drive, spell check. This SIN includes directly related attachments, accessories and supplies (MAS EXPRESS)
47 147 Security Applications for Business Machines – Includes security applications for office equipment (e.g., computers/monitors, keyboards, printers, fax machines, TV and VCR, calculators, copiers, medical equipment, cash registers, printers, typewriters laboratory Systems, word processors, audio/visual. This equipment is to be secured within any environment to deter unlawful removal of equipment. A combination of security solutions include (e.g., anti-theft software tracking system, -manage PC from a network location, switch for computer case, motion sensor, security hardware (e.g., metal plates and cable, strong adhesive, and other related options). This SIN includes all directly related conventional and biometric products, software, attachment, accessories and supplies (SMALL BUSINESS SET ASIDE)
47 355 Dictating and Transcribing Machines and Systems – Includes professional PC Dictation Systems that offer the user state-of-the art technology and digitize recording with a full voice recording system interface via network connected card reader with superior digital sound. No need for special telephone connections or wireless networks, superior digital sound quality, ID programmable to eliminate user input. The user has the option to instantly access deletions and re-record hands free. Restore missing information hands free without missing a word. The products may include hand-held voice/data digital recorder with multi-function LCD display, voice documents, personal voice messaging, card reader, pc-based dictation application and digital kits. Additional features for enhancement purposes are software package, high-quality microphone designed for speeches, dedicated mouse, internal speaker for voice playback, sound card etc. Units are available in standard, mini, and micro cassette configurations.
50 156 Personal & Document Identification Systems – Includes Personal and Document Identification Systems that include, but not limited to: eye, face, palm, fingerprint and voice recognition systems, public (private) key infrastructure are excluded (PKI). The Identification Systems may include but not limited to photo identification cameras & systems and embossed card systems. Systems may be PC assessable and may feature Smart Card Technology, such as, encoded magnetic strips, bar codes, signatures, etc. This SIN also includes all related software, attachments, accessories and supplies.
50 163 Mail Processing Machines, Systems and Related Software – Includes Mailing Machines that automatically or manually feed seal (including seal-only machines), postmark, meter stamps, count and stack letters and machines that print postage on wet, dry or pressure-sensitive tape for packages and bulky envelopes. Mail/Parcel Scales and Weighing Machines that are either electronic or mechanical machines used for weighing and managing weighing/shipping information for packages and envelopes. Inserting Machines that insert checks, bulletins, reports, cards, letters, etc., into envelopes and other related products. Envelope Opener/Extracting Machines that completely and easily open envelopes and allow for easy removal of the envelope’s contents. Addressing Machines that print addresses, attention lines, return addresses, etc., on (outgoing) mail. Imprinter machines imprint cards (e.g., credit card slips), forms, tickets, labels, and similar material requiring multiple imprints. Addresser/imprinter machines use metal and/or plastic plates. The mail mobile system is an automated internal mail delivery system as well as a service. This system is basically equipped to deliver mail, supplies, packages, cash as well as classified and sensitive documents on an invisible guidepath that is stimulated by ultraviolet and tracked by photoelectric sensors. X-Ray Inspection Systems designed to identify terrorist and criminal attacks of incoming mail, parcel packages, bags, boxes, etc. These systems are mainly used in government buildings, banks, industry, television broadcasting, courtrooms, public training and workshops. This SIN also includes a host of ancillary services, related software, attachments, accessories, supplies and solutions. All products include directly related, software accessories, attachments and supplies.
50 177 Date and Time Stamps – Includes electric/non-electric date and stamps which automatically print date and time (e.g., month, date, and time, number and date, TEXT stamp for signature or message and check signer. Includes directly related accessories, attachments and supplies. (MAS EXPRESS)
50 180 Time and Attendance Program Systems – Includes analog and digital Time and Attendance Program Systems, traditional time clocks that provide the option to manually clock in. The digital version delivers accurate attendance and a host of capabilities which allow the manager to track time and attendance through network compatible software anytime right from their PC, enter the office by using a PIN number and the employee is automatically clocked in. Payroll accounting system may be available. This SIN also includes directly related accessories, attachments and supplies (SMALL BUSINESS SET ASIDE)
50 205 Rental Plan for Postage Meters and Related Mailing Equipment – Includes rental plan for postage meters and related mailing equipment (e.g, mail processing and X-Ray systems, mail/parcel scales and weighing machines, inserting).
50 281 Calculators – Includes a wide range of calculators such as basic, business, electronic, fraction, metric conversion, programmable/non-programmable, scientific, statistical, printing, graphic, web-site/financial. This SIN includes directly related accessories, attachments, supplies and software.
50 287 Money Handling & Processing Machines – Includes a wide range money handling and processing equipment such as cash registers, check and money handling equipment, check endorsing, signing and writing equipment, check perforating machines, coin sorting, and paper counting, and more. This SIN includes directly related accessories, attachments and supplies
50 7002 Stencil Cutting Machines – Includes a wide range of stencil cutting machines for all types of business applications such as industrial, military, municipal and transportation and related accessories, attachments and supplies. (MAS EXPRESS)
51 001 Office Products for the Impaired – Includes turnkey products for vision, hearing, mobility and cognitive language impairments primarily used for disabilities. The purpose is to caption a subtitle from an analog and digital files format to quickly format text into individual captions, displayed on the computer screen, and video screen from one language into several languages. The files may include the following formats (e.g., Microsoft word, word perfect (any language), text with/without time code in and out, cheetah, inc. files, captions inc. files). The products may include closed captioning systems (works with closed captioning encoders to create closed captions – can be placed anywhere on the screen), open captioning systems for compressed video, real-time captioning, encoders (work closely with closed captioning software to encode captions), and decoders. Includes attachments, accessories, supplies and software.
51 1000 Ancillary Supplies and/or Services – Ancillary supplies and/or services are support supplies and/or services which are not within the scope of any other SIN on this schedule. These supplies and/or services are necessary to compliment a contractor’s offerings to provide a solution to a customer requirement. This SIN may be used for orders and blanket purchase agreements that involve work or a project that is solely associated with the supplies and/or services purchased under this schedule. This SIN EXCLUDES purchases that are exclusively for supplies and/or services already available under another schedule.

Special Instructions: The work performed under this SIN shall be associated with existing SIN(s) that are part of this schedule. Ancillary supplies and/or services shall not be the primary purpose of the work ordered, but be an integral part of the total solution offered. Ancillary supplies and/or services may only be ordered in conjunction with or in support of supplies or services purchased under another SIN(s) of the same schedule. Offerors may be required to provide additional information to support a determination that their proposed ancillary supplies and/or services are commercially offered in support of one or more SIN(s) under this schedule.

51 1001 Introduction of New Products/Services (INPS SIN) – Includes any items considered new technology and deemed appropriate to the schedule
51 100C Cost-Per-Copy Plan for Copiers (to include Analog, Digital, Multifunctional & Engineer Copiers) – Includes cost-per-copy plans; the customer identifies the guaranteed minimum number of copies required per month and the required functional capability of the copier equipment. As necessary to satisfy the customer’s requirements, the contractor provides the required copier equipment, including accessories, attachments, copy-control devices and systems, all consumable supplies (except copying paper and transparency films), and full-service maintenance including repair parts. The customer pays a fixed monthly fee based on the customer’s guaranteed minimum number of copies per month. For copies over the guaranteed minimum, the customer pays an additional fee for each copy made.

NOTE: Copiers leased under this SIN with speeds under 100 copies per minute must meet the energy efficiency requirements set forth in ENERGY STAR specifications.

51 100F Flat-Rate Monthly Fee Copying Plan For Copiers – Includes flat-rate monthly-fee plans; the customer identifies the approximate number of copies required per month (i.e., monthly volume level) and the required functional capability of the copier equipment. As necessary to satisfy the customer’s requirements, the contractor provides the required copier equipment, accessories, attachments, copy-control devices and systems, all consumable supplies (except copying paper and transparency films), and full maintenance services including repair parts. The customer pays a flat-rate monthly fee for copier, regardless of the number of copies made each month.

NOTE: Copiers leased under this SIN with speeds under 100 copies per minute must meet the energy efficiency requirements set forth in ENERGY STAR specifications.

51 101 7 Transparency Film – Includes wide range of transparency film, Xerographic Type, designed for single and color copiers, Thermal Type – designed for different image and background colors (e.g., infrared transparency film and Special Types – Transparency films (excluding xerographic and thermal films) for making special transparencies (e.g., transparency films for use with laser, inkjet, and dot matrix character printers, opaque films, write-on films, and thermal transfer films for use with computer generated graphics for color transparencies). This SIN also includes directly related accessories, attachments (e.g., mounts, and supplies) (SET ASIDE FOR SMALL BUSINESS)
51 208 Maintenance Service Agreement For all Other Equipment Repair, replacement, and spare parts for equipment other than copiers, including their associated accessories and attachments. – A maintenance service agreement consists of preventative and repair(remedial) services. Preventative consists of those scheduled service calls necessary to maintain the equipment in first-class operating condition (e.g., cleaning, lubricating, adjusting, and replacing parts when needed). Repair (remedial) service consist of those unscheduled service calls necessary for repairs not caused by fire, water, accident, fluctuations in electrical power or the customer. The maintenance service agreement includes the cost of labor, replacement parts, and supplies (excluding expendable operating supplies). In the event the Government’s equipment requires initial repair or overhaul prior to acceptance by the contractor for coverage under a maintenance service agreement, the charges for such repairs, including replacement parts and labor, will usually not be covered under the initial maintenance service agreement. In addition, charges for labor and replacement parts for complete rebuilding or overhauling of the Government’s equipment are usually not included in the maintenance service agreement.
51 212 Post Copying/Finishing Equipment and Supplies – Iincludes paper folding, paper gathering, inserting, collating and finishing, paper cutting and all other related equipment.
51 229 Digital Duplicating Equipment – Digital duplicators scan original documents and automatically form an intermediate stencil master that transfers liquid ink to the paper to produce the desired number of copies at speeds up to 150+ copies per minute. Digital duplicators are capable of fast, large-size copying runs in single- color and/or full-color. When connected directly to a digital computer for desktop publishing applications, many digital duplicators can operate as high-speed (e.g., 120 copies per minute), high-quality printers capable of producing copies equivalent to those produced on high-speed, laser-quality printers with high resolution prints. Digital duplicators fill the gap between conventional copiers, which are used for a small number of copies and offset presses, which are used for a large number of copies. This SIN includes directly related supplies, accessories and attachments (e.g., cabinets, digital duplicator and color drums, automatic document feeders, edit boards, computer interface equipment, paper tray, tape marker, high capacity sheet feeders, interface kits, sorters, tape dispensers, and controllers for imaging processing, spirit fluids, spirit correction fluids, masters, black and color inks, job separator colored tape.
51 402 Multi-Media Readers, Reader-Printers and Systems – includes a wide range of Readers and Reader-Printers – electronic reader scanner systems, aperture card, microfilm, microfilm and universal, microfiche, microfilm – automated retrieval, microfiche, high-volume output reader-printers, sorter/collators and other related equipment. Includes directly accessories, and attachments (e.g., microfilm reel, cartridges/magazines and aperture cards (with/without film).
51 409 Network, Optical Imaging Systems and Solutions – The user will have the capability to search for documents from a variety of sources such as desktop computer, intranet/internet, LAN/WAN. The software will support the user’s needs in capturing data in typed print, handprint, mark sense and barcode, electronic data and paper documents into an electronic format in a reliable, secured operating environment.
51 417 Microphotographic Film, Paper, Chemical Preparation and Equipment – Includes a wide range of film, paper chemical preparation, related equipment and supplies. The film includes (silver halide used to process permanent records, computer output microfilm for COM units, duplicating film for direct/indirect silver duplicators), dry silver film and paper (including aperture cards that have dry silver film in the opening), standard size microfilm copy prints paper. Chemical preparations include (e.g., developers, fixers, and specialties for reader-printer paper and a host of accessories, attachments and consumable supplies (e.g., leaders, trailers, splice, tab). The Related Equipment includes (e.g., micro photographic, duplicating, and developing equipment – used in the duplication of Diazo, Thermal and Silver Gelatin Microfilms), Black and White Negatives or Color Wet-Processing Equipment, Microfilm Finishing and Editing Equipment includes microfilm finishing and editing equipment including (e.g., microfilm cutters, trimmers notches, and splicers, jacket/aperture, card loaders and filler (e.g., mounters and inserters, magazine and cartridge loaders, manual motorized,
table model station) and Micro photographic Inspection and Quality Control Equipment (used for cleaning equipment, test kits, rewinds, test targets). This SIN includes directly related accessories and attachments (e.g., MicroFilm Reel, Cartridges/Magazines and Aperture Cards (without film).
51 501 Needs Assessment and Analysis Services – Needs Assessment and Analysis Services consist of a comprehensive assessment of the customer’s existing objectives, capabilities and, funding obligations which will provide agency’s recommendation(s) on how to meet or exceed organization’s overall performance by providing total office solutions. Needs Assessment and Analysis Services provide for professional support in analyzing and developing customer requirements. Regardless of the specific approach and strategies described in the technical proposal for each work segment, the work in general shall include consulting services, and other related services.

Needs Assessment – The purpose of the needs assessment is to determine the optimal print solution for a particular organization within an agency, based on the existing workflow and output environment.

Needs assessments may include data collection from the existing devices, as well as end users. Device data can be collected manually, and/or through data collection tools such as enterprise software deployment and/or USB discovery devices. The data collected in this process will show the amount of output produced for any given organization. Identification of these needs will assist in pricing and establishing best value criteria for the implementation phase, and analyze the footprint of the defined fleet to determine optimal placement of equipment.

Fleet Assessment – Fleet assessments shall include the collection of device information and performance data on the defined fleet through manual assessments and/or software deployment. Assessments shall also include surveys and floor plans of all devices. This phase should identify the equipment (and related MIB data) that may or may not be covered by available MPS software suites. Fleet assessments should identify potential software compatibility issues with non-native software deployments, and individual and total energy consumption of the existing fleet.

51 503 Education and Training Support Services – Education and training support services provide the customer with a comprehensive knowledge (e.g., operational capabilities, user-training, maintenance training, repair techniques) of products offered herein (e.g., color copiers, computer-enhanced copiers, special-application copiers, multi-functional digital copiers, duplicators, high-speed printers, scanners, digital cameras, software applications, photographic laboratories, shredding machines, mail-mobile delivery systems, media storage, network and optical systems), procedures, processes, and applications. Services may include (e.g., destruction, document conversion, records management and photographic) Training may be offered in various forms: onsite/offsite, CD ROM based training, interactive on-line training.
51 504 Records Management Services – Records Management Services include on-site services but are not limited to organizing paper or electronic files in any work area and tracking them electronically, information and document indexing, scanning, labeling, bar coding, and filing.

Storage Services provides for preparation of files, pick up, storage and retrieval of documents.

NOTE: The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) issued standards in 36 CFR 1228 Subpart K pertaining to facilities that store Federal records. The numbering for the standards was changed in November 2009 to 36 CFR 1234, but references to the old numbering (36 CFR 1228 subpart K) still appear. Federal agencies must certify to NARA that a facility meets the 36 CFR 1234 standards before Federal records are placed in a records storage facility or, if not already approved by NARA, for those facilities where they are already storing their records. For details concerning certification and the NARA approval process, see the Federal Records Storage Facility Standards Toolkit on the NARA web site at NARA will review agency certification documentation and either approve or disapprove each facility used by each agency to store Federal records. Each agency must submit its own certification documentation for NARA approval. The Toolkit contains additional information concerning the 36 CFR 1234 facility standards and FAQs.

51 505 Document Production On-site and Off-site Services – Document production on-site and off-site services provide customers a practical turn-key solution to a customer’s requirements for production of documents. A typical document production service would include the required equipment (e.g., high-volume digital color copiers, scanners) and contractor provided operational and management personnel required for effective on-site/off-site document production.
51 506 Document Conversion Services – The process of document conversion involves state-of-the-art scanning of the original document’s text and graphic image into digital data, which is then transferred to a new media and formatted for use in a document imaging and storage system. Comprehensive DCS are used to transfer text and graphic images in existing documents (e.g., correspondence, files, technical manuals, land records, charts, engineering drawings, legal instruments, etc.) in whatever media they currently exist (e.g., paper, aperture cards, microfiche, microfilm, roll film, etc.) onto a new delivery/ storage media (e.g., CD-ROM disks, 4mm/8mm magnetic tape, magnetic storage disks, aperture cards, microfiche, microfilm, roll film, etc.) in any required format (e.g., raster images, ASCII text, SGML tagged for electronic distribution or publishing, PDF image files, etc.) required for use in a document imaging and storage system. Customized coding and indexing options are also available as part of the document conversion process. This SIN includes transcription and medical transcription services; it excludes transcriptions for Title III Monitoring, which are available under Schedule 738 II, SIN 382 1.
51 507 Destruction Services – Destruction services include both on-site and off-site services of classified and unclassified paper documents, materials and magnetic media. The methods for destruction services may be obtained through these destruction options: shredding (e.g., paper documents, folders, newspapers, catalog, magazines) disintegration (e.g., microfilm, microfiche, ID cards, VHS tapes, audio cassettes, CD ROM, floppy disks, computer tapes and computer hard drives) and incineration (e.g., paper documents, maps, files, envelopes, manuals, newspapers, catalogs, magazines, blue prints).
51 508 Litigation Support Services – Provides professional and nonprofessional services support in the area of managing legal documents. These types of Support Services include but are not limited to document preparations, organizing, copying materials, files, coding and, scanning. Indexing, database development, document analysis, software and systems support. NOTE: Paralegal services, attorneys, accountants, or other professional labor categories that may be construed as legal services or professional support for legal services are not included.
51 509 Network Connectivity Support Services – Network Connectivity Support Services must be able to support industry’s software applications, network operating systems (e.g., Windows 95, 98, NT, Netware) and other related networks that are compatible to the agency’s infrastructure. The qualified personnel, materials, spare parts, tool, hardware/ software and network components necessary to perform the service will be provided by the contractor. The capability to support, stand-alone and integrated digital equipment (e.g., digital/multifunctional digital copiers, Photo ID Systems, Mail Management Systems, Network Optical & Imaging Systems and Laboratory Systems) must be provided by the contractor.
51 55 Rental Plan for Copiers – Includes rental plans for all copier equipment. Rental rates cover unrestricted normal use of the rented equipment up to the maximum number of copies (e.g., number of copies per month) identified in the rental agreement. An excess charge per copy is usually accessed for copies over the maximum number of copies provided for under the rental agreement. The rental rate includes full-maintenance service (repairs, adjustments, replacements) by authorized service technicians, at no additional cost to the customer. Rental rates do not usually include the cost of consumable supplies.

NOTE: Copiers rented under this SIN with speeds under 100 copies per minute must meet the energy efficiency requirements set forth in ENERGY STAR specifications.

51 56 Repair of Government-Owned Equipment (all equipment covered under this schedule) for equipment not under Maintenance Service Agreement – This SIN covers repair of any type of copier equipment offered under this schedule and not covered under a maintenance service agreement. Includes directly related attachments, supplies and accessories.
51 57 Maintenance Service Agreement For Copiers – This SIN includes a maintenance service agreement consisting of preventative and repair (remedial) services. Preventative consists of those scheduled service calls necessary to maintain the equipment in first-class operating condition (e.g., cleaning, lubricating, adjusting, and replacing parts when needed). Repair (remedial) services consist of those unscheduled service calls necessary for repairs not caused by fire, water, accident, and fluctuations in electrical power or customer abuse. The Maintenance Service Agreement and Repair Service include the cost of labor, transportation, replacement/spare parts, (excluding consumable operating supplies). The greater the distance from the maintenance facility to the user the higher the monthly fees. In the event the Government’s equipment requires initial repair or overhaul prior to acceptance by the contractor for coverage under a maintenance service agreement, the charges for such repairs, including replacement parts and labor, and for a complete rebuilding or overhauling of Government’s equipment are usually not included in the preventative service agreement.
51 58 Lease to Ownership Plans (LTOP) Copiers – Lease-to-Ownership Plans(LTOP) are intended for customers who want to lease all types of copiers to secure ownership. At the end of the lease period and upon final payment of all charges due, the Title: and the leased equipment is immediately transferred from the contractor to the government customer. The lease rate does not include the cost of maintenance or consumable supplies.

NOTE: Copiers leased under this SIN with speeds under 100 copies per minute must meet the energy efficiency requirements set forth in ENERGY STAR specifications.

51 58A Operating Lease Plan For Copiers – Includes Operating Lease plans applicable to copiers only. An operating Lease plan allows Federal customers to lease the equipment for a monthly rate over a period of time, with NO intent to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease agreement period. Ownership of the asset remains with the lessor.

NOTE: Copiers leased under this SIN with speeds under 100 copies per minute must meet the energy efficiency requirements set forth in ENERGY STAR specifications.

51 58B Operating Lease Plan – (All Other Products) – Includes Operating Lease plans applicable to all other products (e.g., laboratory imaging systems, mailroom equipment, typewriters, darkroom w/equipment and supplies, network optical systems, under this schedule with the exception of copiers. Operating Lease plan allows Federal customers to lease the equipment for a monthly rate over a period of time, with NO intent to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease agreement period. Ownership of the asset remains with the lessor.
51 B36 2A International – All Equipment under this Schedule – Includes overseas purchase of copiers, accessories, supplies; rental/lease of copiers; and maintenance and repair and other directly related requirements. This SIN includes all directly related accessories, attachments, and supplies.
733 1 Mail Room Administrative Support Services – Includes daily mailroom administrative services consisting of, but not limited to, accepting incoming mail from USPS and courier services such as UPS and FEDEX; accepts and signs for certified mail, registered mail & overnight mail. Makes distribution of all mail using an Office Roster. Processes outgoing mail, metering flats, letters, packages, etc.
733 2 Presort Mail – Includes management, supervision, labor, materials, supplies, and equipment, as well as planning, scheduling, coordinating, and assuring effective performance of all services described herein. contractors will be required to provide a minimum of presort mail and barcode services applicable to the postage discount level offered, for domestic First Class Federal Government Mail, for various Federal Agencies in accordance with standard commercial practices and all USPS regulations. Contractors are required to have and continually maintain an USPS Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certification.
733 3 Miscellaneous Mail Services – Includes management, supervision, labor, and equipment; plans, schedules, coordinates, and assures
effective performance of all services described. Consists of preparing/packaging mail, addressing, labeling, folding, inserting, bursting, collating, mail match, wrapping, software services, metering, and stamping mail.
733 4 List Management Services – Includes data entry, address label printing, lists management, list cleanup and list coding.
733 5 Mailroom Ergonomic Analysis Services – Includes Mailroom ergonomic analysis services that may include, but are not limited to, workflow analyses, studying and improving mailroom processes, productivity studies, task analysis, time & motion studies, determining optimal mailroom layout, site-specific ergonomic training, space planning, and process equipment assessments.
733 6 Mail Screening and Inspection Services – Involves on-site and off-site examination of incoming mail, packages, etc. to detect any form of contamination (e.g., hazardous materials, chemicals, or explosives). This service includes personnel, materials, equipment, and facility to properly screen and inspect all incoming mail.
Copiers and Consumable Supplies
Category Description
51 100 Copiers – Includes analog, engineering, digital/multi-functional copiers having single-color and/or full-color imaging in both desktop and console configurations. Analog copiers have only copying capability. Digital/Multifunctional copiers have capabilities such as copying, printing, faxing, scanning to print/file, and/or facsimile with, post finishing solutions connected to individual and network stations with solutions. The Multi-functional digital copier may have integrated functional capabilities or modular expansion capabilities that permit functional upgrading. Both analog and digital/multifunctional copiers may have image enhancement capabilities (e.g., image magnification, reduction, contrast), paper handling capabilities (e.g., automatic paper selection, multiple paper trays, duplexing, collating), and/or document finishing capabilities (e.g., stapling, folding, punching). Copier speeds may vary from under 25 copies per minute to over 100 copies per minute with copying volumes from under 1,000 copies per month to over 450,000 copies per month. Engineering copiers also include both analog and digital copiers (e.g., copiers capable of using transparent and opaque originals to produce plain paper, vellum or polyester film copies and capable of copying A to E size drawings. Full color, non-laser copiers, and other non-standard copier equipment (e.g., copy boards and easels) are included; also included are copy control devices and systems for equipment under this SIN that can be used to limit copier access to authorize users and to record copier usage. The devices include mechanical and electrical copy-controls (e.g., key counters, cartridges, interface kits) and copy-control systems (e.g., central data collection units, and related connection devices as an integrated package).

NOTE: Copiers purchased under this SIN with speeds under 100 copies per minute must meet the energy efficiency requirements set forth in ENERGY STAR specifications.

51 101 2 Consumable Supplies for Copiers, Computers Printers and Fax Machines – Includes directly related supplies (e.g., toner developer, dry ink, dry imager, fuser oil and fusing rollers, cleaning blades, pickoff fingers, photoconductors, photoreceptor belts and drums, staples wire, binder material, binder adhesive) for the copier equipment available under SIN 51 100. Other directly related consumable supplies for computer printers and fax machines are toner, developer, and new manufactured single-and full-color toner cartridges) for laser and inkjet computer printers, fax machines and systems. This SIN does not include copier paper or transparency films for copiers. Transparency films are available under SIN 51 101 7. Customers wishing to purchase consumable supplies only can do so under Schedule 75 – Office Products/Supplies and Service and New Products/Technology, SIN 75 200 Office Products.