GSA Schedule 48: Transportation, Delivery and Relocation Solutions

Number of 48 Contractors for FY 2010:          185

Reported FY 2010 Sales:                                     $613,383,322

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36 comprises the following categories (SINs):

411 1 Ground Transportation Services – Ground Transportation Services utilizing Van, Motor Coach (Bus), or Limousine for both scheduled and unscheduled routes. Services are available for single or multiple passenger shuttle transportation between and among buildings; driver services; airport transport; and VIP transport; etc. within or between cities. All services necessary to provide passenger shuttle services.
411 2 RENTAL SUPPLEMENTAL VEHICLE PROGRAM (RSVP) – Vehicle rental services (including car rental, truck rental, and special equipment rentals such as trailers, refrigerated trucks, etc.) to supplement federal fleets and/or official business vehicular needs for other than temporary duty travel purposes. Typical rental requirements include, but are not limited to, temporary replacement of a fleet vehicle damaged as a result of an accident or incident; temporary replacement of a fleet vehicle undergoing maintenance; supplemental transportation support for fleets; supplemental transportation support for special events (e.g., political events, G8, training); transportation support for natural disasters, emergencies, and/or continuity of operations tests and drills; etc. Services include reservation services, online booking, pick up and return services, vehicle delivery services, fueling, driver, roadside, and navigation assistance, special vehicle needs (e.g., hand controls, wheel chair lifts), reporting, billing, and consulting services.
411 3 Transportation Consulting Services – Services available under this special item number are designed to provide agencies with access to transportation consultants to assist them in spend analysis, benchmarking, best practice evaluations, risk assessment, performance metrics, outsourcing studies, re-engineering, requirements analysis, policy review and audit analysis & studies. This includes consultation on the full range of transportation and accessorial services to fulfill requirements for one or more modes of transportation, including air, sea, and/or land transportation of supplies, resources and personnel that agencies may require. This SIN does not include actual transportation system development or guard/security services associated with transportation.
451 1 EXPRESS SMALL PACKAGE AND EXPRESS HEAVYWEIGHT DELIVERY SERVICES – Commercial delivery services for Express Same Day, Next Day, Two Day, and Three Day delivery of extremely urgent letters, small packages, and heavyweight shipments, including any accessorial services, offered to the general public. Contractors may offer any combination of days or weight ranges for either the Express Small Package or the Express Heavyweight Delivery Services.
451 2 GROUND SMALL PACKAGE DELIVERY SERVICES – Commercial delivery services for Ground day-definite delivery of small package shipments, including any accessorial services, offered to the general public
451 3 LOCAL COURIER DELIVERY SERVICES – (SMALL BUSINESS SET ASIDE) Commercial Local Courier delivery services for Same Day delivery of extremely urgent letters, small packages, and heavyweight shipments, including any accessorial services, within a Metropolitan City Area, offered to the general public.
451 99 NEW SERVICES – Contractors may offer new or improved services at any time when the potential to provide a more economical or efficient means for Federal agencies to accomplish their mission that is within the general scope of this Statement of Work(s). The Contractor may also perform a new task or procedure not currently available under any GSA Schedule.
653 1 Relocation Service Package – Home sale services ensure the employee’s home will be sold, including assistance in marketing the home, negotiating with potential outside buyers, helping the employee become familiar with their new duty location, providing renter/buyer assistance, spousal and mortgage counseling and reports.
653 3 Relocation Software, Technology Tools and Services – Includes relocation software and automation/technology tools that help agencies track, manage and report on their relocation programs. It includes authorization, planning, repatriation, expense management, tax gross ups, expense entry, communications, and integrations with
financial systems, etc.
653 4 Additional Services – Extra services available include Cost of Living Analysis, Closing Assistance, Expense Management, Rental Management, Entitlement Counseling, Group Move Assistance and International Move Assistance, Property Management and Training.
653 5 Agency Customization Services – Property that is not eligible for the home sale services including special property that is difficult to sell, can be handled under this line item. Also included are special home sale and marketing assistance, and international services involving acclimating the family to the new area.
653 7 Move Management Services – The contractor can provide a total package of move management services including transferee entitlement and pre-move counseling; carrier selection; preparation of bills of lading; shipment booking; service performance and prepayment audits; claims preparation assistance; and on-site quality control.
653 8 OFFICE RELOCATION – A full range of services to remove the existing office furniture, equipment and related supplies from the existing location, transport the items to the new location, and place them according to the direction of the federal agency. Services include but not limited to pre-move planning, relocation plan designing, providing packaging materials, packing/crating, loading/unloading, delivery and setup. Coverage Area
653 9 Long Term Lodging – Commercial services for the provision of corporate housing lodging services in an apartment/condominium type property