GSA Schedule 73: Food Service, Hospitality, Cleaning Equipment and Supplies, Chemicals and Services

GSA Schedule 73 offers a variety of cleaning equipment and accessories, and cleaning products for daily cleaning – products that keep facilities clean in an environmentally friendly manner. Housing Managers and Facility Managers will enjoy the full range of Hospitality Solutions under this Schedule. In addition, all food service needs from eating utensils to an entire custom designed food court kiosk concept that supports new branding initiatives are available.

Number of Contractors for FY 2010:                593

Reported FY 2010 Sales:                                     $246,319,506

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Schedule 73 comprises the following categories (SINs):

Chemicals and Chemical Products
Category Description
476 12 Sterilants, Surgical Scrubs, and Related Products – Including liquid disinfectants that are sporicidal, and are suitable for use on hospital equipment, surgical instruments, rubber and plastic objects. Also includes specialized kits for blood, serum, and/or associated body fluid spills
476 13 Disinfectants
507 2 Permanent/Disposable dispenser housing and refills for the control of general institutional airborne odors, smoke, and sanitizing surfaces – May be dispensed either actively or passively. This product must be registered with the Environmental Protection Agency
507 4 Toilet Bowl Cleaner, liquid, powder, and/or gel and product – for the effective treatment and deodorization of pit toilets, vault toilets, holding tanks, portable toilets, and re-circulating toilets when used in accordance with label instructions
507 8 Sanitizers for Food Handling Areas – liquid, powder, gel, aerosol, pump spray. – Products must be USDA and EPA registered
507 9 Insect Repellent
507 99 Introduction of New Products/Services related to chemicals and chemical products
524 1 Fuel Oil Additive – including product and services
524 2 Boiler Feed, Cooling Water, and Closed Water Treatment Chemicals – product only or product with service
655 01 Propane
655 03 Service/Repair and or Rental Demurrage relating to Propane
658 1 Water Purification Chemicals – Includes products for water purification, waste water, sewage treatment and bioremediation. Products for human consumption, swimming pools, spas, or products with service
681 1 Road Stabilization/Ice Melting Chemicals or Chemical Formulations – Including: commercial non-hazardous chemicals/formulations designed primarily for road stabilization or to safely melt/remove ice from roadways, walkways, runways, and roofs with minimal negative environmental impact
681 2 Aircraft Deicers – Including: commercial chemicals or formulations designed to remove ice from aircraft wings or fuselage
681 4 Antifreeze, Fuel Engine Primer, Penetrates and related products
Cleaning Equipment and Accessories, Cleaning Chemicals and Sorbents, and Janitorial Supplies
Category Description
375 100 Vacuum Cleaner Canister Type – including Dry Pickup, Wet/Dry Pickup, Industrial – Hazardous Material Pickup (Mercury/Asbestos), and Hospital Usage
375 103 Vacuum Cleaner Upright Type – including small and large commercial, and household
375 107 Vacuum Cleaner Portable Hand Type
375 117 Carpet Cleaner, including Shampooer, Extractor, Liquid or Powder
375 125 Sweeper and Scrubber – Walk-Behind Type
375 129 Floor Machine – Scrubber, Striper, Polisher, Burnisher
375 135 Accessories and Attachments
375 139 Parts, Repair and Replacement, Miscellaneous for Cleaning Equipment
375 200 Mops, Buckets, Wringers, Squeegees, Brooms, Brushes, Sponges, Scouring Pads, Wiping Rags, Cleaning Cloths, Chamois, Polishing Pads, Cleaning Products, and Related Items
375 321 Powdered and Liquid Machine Warewashing (Dishwashing) Compounds and Rinse Additives
375 323 Laundry Cleaner, Powdered and Liquid, and Dry Cleaning Chemicals
375 341 Floor and Carpet Chemical Products
375 351 Sorbents – Non-Marine Usage Type I for Non-hazardous & Non-toxic Organic Spill
375 352 Sorbents – Non-Marine Usage Type II for Hazardous and Toxic Organic Spills
375 353 Sorbents – Marine Usage, Type III Non-water soluble
375 355 Sorbent Accessories
375 356 Sweeping Compounds
375 361 Biodegradable Cleaner/Degreaser (Water Based) Non-Phenolic and Non-Petrolemm – Products approved by USDA for Food Handling Areas
375 362 Biodegradable Cleaner/Degreaser (Solvent Based) Non-Phenolic and Non-petroleum
375 363 Cleaners/Degreasers – (Water and/or Solvent Based Detergent)
375 364 Cleaner/Degreasers and Polishes – (I,I,I Trichloroethane CFC Replacement for Industrial/Electrical Applications)
375 368 Gloves, Cleaning, Rubber
375 371 Cleaning Chemical Dispensing Equipment and Systems
375 372 Cleaning Chemicals used with Dispensing Systems
375 391 Auto Cleaners/Polishers, Air Fresheners, and Windshield Care
375 393 Tire Care: – Tire/Wheel Dressings, Tire Cleaners/Protectants, Tire Sealants, Road Hazard Kits
375 99 Introduction of New Products/Services relating to Cleaning Equipment, Janitorial Supplies, Cleaning Chemicals and Sorbents
FSG 85, Toiletries, Personal Care Items, Linens, and Lodging and Hospitality Supplies and Services, and Hospitality Wear
Category Description
852 1 Toiletries – Including but not limited to: Hand Cleaners, Shampoo, Hair Rinse, Hair Conditioner, Body Wash, Lotions, Shaving Cream, Soap, Mouthwash, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Ointments and Wipes
852 2 Personal Care Articles – Including, but not limited to: Barber Supplies (Razor Blades, Razors, Clippers), Shoe Polish and Saddle Soap, Combs and Brushes, and Salon Supplies (Blow Dryers and Curling Irons) and miscellaneous
852 3 Lodging and Hospitality Supplies and Services – (Catalog Only) Includes: Food Service Equipment and Supplies, Environmental (Air Cleaners and Deodorizers), Housewares, Uniforms, Linens and Bedding, Housekeeping, Cleaning and Maintenance, Signs, Safety and Security, Amenities, Outdoor Furniture Equipment, Lobby and Front Desk, and Advertising and Promotional Items
852 4 Hospitality Wear – including but not limited to, uniforms, blazers, dress smocks, tunic tops, and other Wearables related to: Housekeeping, Guest and Staff, and Restaurant
852 7 Linens – Including, but not limited to: bed linens, table linens, kitchen linens, bath linens and miscellaneous
852 99 Introduction of New Products/Services relating to toiletries, personal care articles, and hospitality supplies and services
Food Service Equipment, Supplies and Services
Category Description
302 28 Food Service Carts and Holding and Transport Equipment – including Heated Proof Cabinets; Utility Carts; Caddy; Hot and Cold Food Carts; Steam Heated Food Warming Cabinets; Electrically Heated Food Warming Cabinets; Heated Self-Leveling Dispenser; Non-Heated Self-Leveling Dispenser; Silverware Dispenser; Tray Transport Carts; Tray and Pan Transport Carts
302 65 Kitchens in Minutes
302 74 Tableware – including Flatware, Stainless, Silver and Silver Plated; Glassware, Drinking; Disposable Tableware
302 98 Ancillary Services Related to Food Service Equipment
302 99 Introduction of New Services and Products Related to Food Service Equipment
Food Service Equipment, Supplies, and Services
Category Description
302 1 Kitchen Management Solutions – including Dining Facility Services, Consultation, Design and Installation of Food Preparation Facilities, Catering, Mess Attendants, Chefs and Food Preparation Assistants, excludes construction and A&E services
302 15 Sanitation and Warewashing Equipment – including, Dishwashers, Warewashing and Warewashing Racks; Dishwashers, Front and Side Loading; Food Waste Disposers; Trash Compactors; Kitchen Sinks; Dishpans
302 2 Emergency and Non-Emergency Food Service Support – including Emergency Water Filtration Units, Potable Water, Non-Perishable Subsistence Meals, Juices, Coffee, and Assorted Snack Food, Portable Kitchen Units, Mess Attendants and Cooks
302 20 Food Preparation Equipment – including Food Preparation Appliances; Meat Sawing Machines; Meat Slicing Machines; Meat Tenderizing Machines; Electric Mixers; Food Preparation Tables and Stands; Packing, Wrapping and Labeling Supplies; Patty Making Machines; Can Openers; Bread Making Machines; Bread Slicing Machines; Bagel Machines
302 29 Food Measuring and Testing Devices – including Portion Scales; Receiving Scales; Thermometers; Other Miscellaneous Measuring and Testing Devices
302 3 Cooking Equipment – including Broilers, Compartment Pressure Cooker, Steam Cabinet, Convection Ovens/Steamers, Cook-Chill Systems, Deep Fryers/Specialty Fryers, Griddles/Grills/Hot Plates/Supplies, Microwaves, Other Specialty Ovens, i.e. Roaster, Pizza, etc, Ranges, Commercial, Steam Jacket Kettles, Tilting Skillets, Toasters (Pop-Up, Rotary), Mixer-Cooker, Food Warming Lamps, Vented Hoods
302 30 Food Serving and Merchandising Equipment – including Checkout Counters; Bakery Showcases; Coffee Brewing Machines and Supplies; Urns
302 34 Hot and Cold Food Counters – SET ASIDE FOR SMALL BUSINESS
302 36 Food and Beverage Dispensing Equipment – including Cold Food and Liquid Dispensing Equipment; Hot Food and Liquid Dispensing Equipment
302 40 Food Preparation and Storage Smallwares, – including Shelving; Mobile Food Storage Ingredient Bins; Canister Food Storage Ingredient Bins; Pots and Pans; Kitchen Utensils; Mixing Bowls; Cutting Boards; Chopping Blocks; Cutlery
302 41 Food Service Items – including, Dinnerware Server; Beverage Server; Holloware; Miscellaneous Tabletop Accessories; Food Preparation Wearables, including Chef’s clothing; Tablecovers
302 42 Food Service Storage Racks and Cabinets – SET ASIDE FOR SMALL BUSINESS
302 49 Refrigeration Equipment – including Blast Freezers; Chillers; Commercial Refrigerators; Commercial Freezers; Dairy Cases; Deli Cases; Walk-In Refrigerators; Walk-in Freezers; Ice Dispensers; Water Stations; Ice Making Equipment; Ice Storage Bins and Carts
302 56 Concession Equipment – including Ice Cream Machines; Yogurt Making Machines; Popcorn Machines; Other Concession Equipment
302 72 Kiosks Food Center Concepts – including A La Cart Serveries; Food Court Concepts
Recycling Collection Containers and Waste Receptacles
Category Description
384 2 Office Recycling Containers and Waste Receptacles – to include Desktop/Deskside, personal use, intermediate, common work area use recycling collection containers and accessories and waste receptacles, including ash/trash combination units and accessories, and all types of interior trash can and recycle bins
384 4 Outdoor Recycling Containers and Waste Receptacles – to include exterior community use recycling containers and accessories and waste receptacles including ash/trash combination units and accessories, and dumpsters
384 9 Industrial Trash Storage Containers – without Compactor, Combination Industrial Trash, Storage Container with Compactor and Accessories
384 99 Introduction of New Services and Products relating to Recycling Containers and Waste Receptacles