GSA Schedule 75: Office Products/Supplies and Services and New Prducts/Technology

GSA Schedule 75 includes Videotapes, Audiotapes, Tape Cartridges, Diskettes/Optical Disks, Disk Packs, Disk Cartridges, Anti-Glare Screens, Cleaning Equipment & Supplies, Ergonomic Devices, Next Day Desktop Delivery of Office Supplies, and Restroom Products such as Roll Toilet Tissue Dispensers, Toilet Tissue, Paper Towels, Toilet Seat Covers, Facial Tissues, and Soaps for Restroom Dispensers.

Number of 75 Contractors for FY 2010:                          870

Reported FY 2010 Sales:                                                     $704,981,377

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Schedule 75 is comprised of the following categories/SINS:

75 200 OFFICE PRODUCTS – Offerors may offer their entire commercial catalog, or may offer a select, limited line of office products. Office products include, but are not limited to items such as: pens, pencils, markers, xerographic paper, printer paper, fax paper, binders, tape, envelopes, shredders, helical-scan, longitudinally oriented video tapes, video cassettes, reel to reel audio tapes, blank endless loop audio cartridge tapes, magnetic tape audio recording cassette, computer tape, reel, cartridge, cassette, diskettes, disk packs, disk cartridges, anti-glare/anti-radiation screens (VDT), ergonomic products (wrist and foot rests), cleaning equipment and supplies (head cleaners, disk drive cleaners, monitor cleaners, toner wipes, minivacuums, etc.) optical disks, CD ROMS, physical storage, security, protective and related ADP supplies, and toner cartridges. Toner cartridge offerors must provide arrangements for empty toner cartridges to be returned from customers. This may include prepaid shipping labels in the products packaging and/or rebates. EXCLUSIONS: All products which have been determined to be essentially the same as items available under the AbilityOne Program;(formerly JWOD)items which do not comply with the requirements set forth in Executive Order 13423 and Items which are not in compliance with the Trade Agreements Act. Firms offering their entire commercial catalog are only authorized to distribute this catalog to our customers. Any other catalogs cannot be used, substituted, or distributed with the GSA contract number printed on it, to GSA customers or other federal agencies.
Sub-Categories (not all vendors have been placed within the following subcategories. To view a complete list of vendors, click on the SIN)
Appliances (office)
Binding and Filing
Business Machines (calculators, copier/fax supplies, etc.)
Calendars and Personal Organizers
Cases and Portfolios
Computer Accessories
Mailing and Shipping Supplies
Office Essentials (clips, notes, books, tape, etc.)
Office Furnishings (clocks, frames, stools, etc.)
Paper (copier, computer, labels, etc.)
Toner Cartridges
Visual Communications and Meeting Aids
Writing Instruments
75 210 OFFICE SERVICES – This SIN includes all commercially available services related to the support of office products. Services include, but are not limited to: on-site stores, walk-in stores, customizing and imprinting services.
75 85 Restroom Products – This includes, but is not limited to, items such as: Dispensers for Roll Toilet Tissue, Toilet Tissue, Paper Towels, Dispensers for Paper Towels, toilet seat covers, facial tissues, and soaps for restroom dispensers.
75 99 NEW PRODUCTS/TECHNOLOGY – This SIN includes new or improved products and services with the potential of being more economical or efficient. These products/services may presently exist in the commercial marketplace, are being developed or improved, and have not been introduced to the Federal Government.