GSA Schedule 76: Publication Media

Number of 76 Contractors for FY 2010:                          98

Reported FY 2010 Sales:                                                     $123,760,889

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760 1 Books and Pamphlets – Includes books: geography, medical, technical and children’s’, dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, atlases, globes, maps, instructional pamphlets, internet desk references and thesauruses.
760 2 Periodicals, Subscriptions Services – Includes tax, reporting and aviation periodicals, law books, credit reference publications, medical, business, technical standards/specification databases.
760 3 Editorial, Publishing, and Library Media Services – This SIN provides for the acquisition of professional support services in the publishing of print and electronically published media and communication documents, books, research studies, and general manuscript preparation but excluding any advertising, marketing or public relations materials. The professional services include but are not limited to: editing, writing, proofreading, researching, indexing, copywriting, fact-checking, document formatting, sub-titling, and mapping. Administrative services include: archiving and library management services; e-publishing, digital-on-demand publishing, mail list and directory preparation, print and digital publishing workflow solutions, library media access website design and maintenance, print and digital archive asset and inventory management and document security. Services are limited to publishing, editing and library media services and not content creation.
760 4 On-Line Book Selling Services and Associated Items – Includes periodicals on economics, education, literatuare, management and computer reference manuals.
760 5 Lending Library Services – Includes periodicals on economics, education, literature, management and computer reference manuals.
760 6 Entertainment, News, and Library Media – Provides Off-the-Shelf licensed and un-licensed broadcast and multi-media programming, news and information media (theatrical and non-theatrical) delivered in variety of modes including primarily electronic subscription, print, wireless broadcast, including satellite; cable broadcast, LowPowerTV; and the multi-media and Digital storage formats such as tape, CD ROM, DVD and emerging technologies such as Talk Book and I-Pod. Off-the-shelf pre-recorded or produced product content includes but is not limited to: entertainment, business, news, educational, financial, recreational, scientific and technical, medical, legal programming. Contractors shall provide performance licensing of motion picture, television, music, and theatrical programming; scope includes sale or lease of Home Video, Games and Simulation products and services available in English and Foreign Language versions. Contractors shall provide licensed secure access to domestic and international archive, museum and library media in print and electronic forms. Excludes advertising, marketing, and public relations services.