GSA Schedule 78: Sports, Promotional, Outdoor, Recreation, Trophies and Signs (SPORTS)

GSA Schedule 78 includes sports equipment and supplies, fitness equipment, sounds of music, child’s play, sports clothing and accessories, safety zone products, camping and hiking equipment, park and playground equipment, wheel and track vehicles, recreational watercraft, flags, awards, trophies, presentations, promotional products, briefcases and carrying cases, trade show displays and exhibit systems and all related products and service

Number of 78 Contractors for FY 2010:                          661

Reported FY 2010 Sales:                                                     $409,050,131

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Schedule 78 is comprised of the following categories/SINS:

192 03 Fitness Center Management Services – Provide Management Services for a government-owned gymnasium/fitness room, assuring optimal performance of all personnel employed, equipment and amenities at the facility, which may, in some locations, be operational 24/7. Management should possess all skills and knowledge to manage large or small facilities, including knowledge of building operations to ensure comfortable, safe and clean environment, equipment function and maintenance, supervisory ability of personal trainers and/or other required staff, and any required fitness certifications (ACE, ACSM). Knowledge of military fitness requirements may be required. Knowledge of disabled client access/instruction may be required. The contractor shall be knowledgeable of and required to comply with all federal, state and local regulations regarding Life Safety and Emergency procedures. Actual duties will be determined by ordering agency.
192 04 Personal Trainer and Aerobic/Cardio Class Leader/Instructor – The personal trainer will develop personalized exercise programs for individuals or groups and assist them during their workouts. They will promote lifelong adherence to a health and fitness program through realistic goal setting and education. Provide participants with in-depth information on equipment usage, lifestyle management, and ultimately, how to design their own personal fitness program in an effort to produce independent exercisers. The Class Leader/Instructor will create, teach and lead exercise routines in a group fitness class setting, challenging participants in area of cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. Instructors should be proficient in leading classes such as step, floor aerobics, spinning, and group resistance training. Trainer/Instructor may be required to be knowledgeable of military fitness standards and be available to work shift work. Trainer may be required to posses accredited fitness certifications (ACE, ACSM). Knowledge of disabled client access/instruction may be required. The contractor shall be knowledgeable of and required to comply with all federal, state and local regulations regarding Life Safety and Emergency procedures. Actual duties will be determined by ordering agency.
192 06 Packaged Fitness Center – The contractor will provide all services to design, plan, acquire equipment and install a complete and operational Fitness Center. This provides agencies with one contractual document and point of contact to satisfy their requirements for a complete (packaged) Fitness Center in agency-provided space. Two of the primary objectives under this program are: 1) ease of ordering for the agencies and 2) provide for a turn-key operational fitness center. The prime contractor will be responsible for providing a packaged room of fitness equipment, furnishings, amenities (including possibly locker rooms) and installation services. The furnishings and services are broken down into 4 categories: 1) Core items; 2) Mandatory optional items; 3) Optional items; and 4) Services. Prime contractors receiving awards under this SIN must have the capability to supply or team with other schedule contract holders to supply all of the required pieces of furnishings and services as specified under the task orders issued. The prime contractor coordinates all deliveries and installation with the agency, managing the complete project.
FSG 78, Sports and More
Category Description
192 02 Sporting Goods Equipment and Supplies – includes, but is not limited to, protective sports equipment, protective wear, baseball equipment, baseball supplies, basketball equipment, basketball supplies, billiards equipment, billiards supplies, boxing equipment, boxing supplies, wrestling equipment, wrestling supplies, martial arts equipment, martial arts supplies, football equipment, football supplies, golf equipment, golf supplies, gymnastic equipment, handball equipment, handball supplies, racquet-ball equipment, racquetball supplies, hockey equipment, skiing equipment, soccer equipment, soccer supplies, tennis equipment, tennis supplies, track and field equipment, track and field supplies, volleyball equipment, volleyball supplies, scoreboards, shuffleboard equipment, shuffleboard supplies, nets, sport nets, cheerleader equipment, cheerleader supplies, lacrosse equipment,lacrosse supplies, bowling equipment, bowling supplies, sports bags, miniature golf design, miniature golf equipment, archery supplies, archery equipment, sport pumps, sport inflators, air pumps, golf course designs (Includes related services and/or installation)
192 08 Fitness equipment – includes but not limited to exercise equipment, training equipment and supplies, health information centers, monitors, gym wipes, towels, robes (Includes related services and/or installation)
192 09 Turfs, Greens and Floors Galore – includes, but is not limited to, floor mats, wall mats, post, courts, turf, exercise flooring, carpets, golf greens
(Includes related services and/or installation)
192 19 Poolside – includes, but is not limited to, swimming pool equipment, swimming pool supplies, spas, therapy spas, above ground pools, pool resurfacing, pool cleaning services, hot tubs (Includes related services and/or installation)
192 41 Sounds of Music – includes, but is not limited to, instruments, accessories and spare parts for instruments, brass, percussion, professional/student, concert/marching, bassoon, horn, trombone, trumpet, flugelhorn, sousaphone, tuba, euphonium, cymbal, drums, cowbells, tambourines, chimes, bongos, conga, shakers, gongs, woodwind, string, clarinet, flute, piccolo, saxophone, sopranos, oboes, guitars, violins, violas, cello, pianos, organs, keyboards, synthesizer, acoustic, digital pianos, amplifiers, speakers, portable sound systems, microphones, cables, connectors, cases, reeds, mouth pieces, strings, straps, drumsticks, mallets, drum set hardware, stands, metronomes, theatrical curtains, turnkey systems,
karaoke, headsets, lighting fixtures, bulbs, video monitors, racks, mobile cases, theatrical equipment, theatrical supplies, stages, entertainment systems (Includes related services and/or installation)
192 42 Child’s Play – includes but is not limited to toys, preschool aids, amusement devices, games, outdoor games, inflatable toys, crafts, hobbies (Includes related services and/or installation)
192 45 Sports Clothing and Accessories – includes, but is not limited to, uniforms, ear warmers, ear muffs, baseball uniforms, basketball uniforms, boxing uniforms, wrestling
uniforms, martial arts uniforms, football uniforms, golf shirts, hockey uniforms, ski clothing, tennis uniforms, track and field uniforms, volleyball uniforms, caps, hats, visors, headbands, wristbands, cheerleader uniforms, gloves, mittens, jackets, lacrosse uniforms, official wear, pants, shirts, shorts, t-shirts, support wear, sweaters, vests, footwear, athletic shoes, athletics socks, socks, shoe bags,
sweat suits, jogging suits, warm-up clothing, work out clothing, sweat shirts, sweat pants, long sleeve shirts, denim shirts, work apparel, swimwear
192 99 Introduction of New Products/Services relating to Athletic Clothing, Recreational Equipment, and Musical Instruments
FSG 99, Signs; Displays; Flags; Identification Products
Category Description
366 11 Signs – Including but not limited to: Programmable, Interactive Directories, Queuing Systems, Architectural/Wayfinding, Site/Facility Identification, Scoreboards, Exit, Vehicle, Traffic, Parking, Construction, Safety/Warning, Sign Making Systems, Stencil Making Devices, Bar Code/Label Making Systems, Placards, Posters, Sign Post/Hardware, and Related Products and ServicesNote: Related Products under this SIN must be exclusive to SIN 366 11, any accessories that apply to multiple Schedule 78 SINs must be classified under SIN 366 90.
366 12 Safety Zone Products – including, but not limited to, Barricades, Guardrails, Safety Barrels/Drums, Channelizers, Safety Fences, Safety Post, Safety Seals, Barriers, Panels, Posts, Stanchions, Traffic Signals, Safety Tags, Safety Bands, Safety Flags, Highway Markers, Traffic/Safety Cones, Warning Lights/Devices, Speed Bumps, Parking Stops/Blocks, Rumble Strips, Beacons, Wheel Chocks, Delineators, Object Markers, Flashers/Reflectors, Safety Tapes/Ribbons/Labels, Pavement Marking Products, Lock Out/ Tag Out Kits, and Related Products and Services (FSC 9905)
366 90 Ancillary Supplies and/or Services – Ancillary supplies and/or services are support supplies and/or services which are not within the scope of any other SIN on this schedule. These supplies and/or services are necessary to compliment a contractor’s offerings to provide a solution to a customer requirement. This SIN may be used for orders and blanket purchase agreements that involve work or a project that is solely associated with the supplies and/or services purchased under this schedule. This SIN EXCLUDES purchases that are exclusively for supplies and/or services already available under another schedule. Ancillary Services excludes construction.Special Instructions: The work performed under this SIN shall be associated with existing SIN(s) that are part of this schedule. Ancillary supplies and/or services shall not be the primary purpose of the work ordered, but be an integral part of the total solution offered. Ancillary supplies and/or services may only be ordered in conjunction with or in support of supplies or services purchased under another SIN(s) of the same schedule. Offerors may be required to provide additional information to support a determination that their proposed ancillary supplies and/or services are commercially offered in support of one or more SIN(s) under this schedule.
366 99 Introduction of New Products/Services Relating to Signs and Safety Zone Products – A new or improved product directly related to items accepted under this schedule. There are no similar items currently available under this existing Special Item Number (SIN). Technical review of items may be considered. The Government has sole discretion to determine whether an item shall be accepted as a new product (FSC 9905)
Fun in the Great Outdoors, including Park and Outdoor Recreational Equipment and Wheel and Track Vehicles
Category Description
192 33A Camping and Hiking Equipment – includes, but is not limited to, recreational tents, tents for decontamination and triage, yurts, tent flys, poles, stakes, tent ropes, and repair kits; Tarps; Sleeping Bags, Bed Rolls, Cots & Camping Furniture; Pack Boards and Backpacks; Heaters, Stoves, Lanterns; Jugs, Coolers, Canteens, & Personal Hydration Units; Climbing Equipment & Snowshoes; Field Toilets & Field Bathing; Outdoor Planters, Tree Grates & Anti-Vegetation Material; Bear-Proof Food Lockers; and Replacement Parts with Ancillary Services
192 37B Park and Recreational Tables, Benches, Outdoor Pool and Patio Furniture and Bleachers – Including Replacement Parts – SET ASIDE FOR SMALL BUSINESSES (Includes related services and/or installation)
192 37I Park and Playground Equipment – including Grills and Replacement parts, Bike Racks and Bike Lockers, Playground Equipment, Playground Safety Surface and Traction Surfacing; Park Shelters, Pavilions, Gazebos, Foot Bridges, and related ancillary services (Includes related services and/or installation)
192 99A Introduction of New Products and Services Relating to Park and Outdoor Recreational Equipment and Wheel and Track Vehicles
251 1 Wheel and Track Vehicles – including: ATVs; Utility Vehicles (Excludes Licensable Over the Road Vehicles); Snowmobiles; Bicycles and Tricycles, including accessories such as bicycle pumps, bicycle helmets, and bicycle locks and baskets
251 6 Utility Vehicle, Unlicensed, Off-Road, Automotive Design
251 13 Mobile Homes, Travel Trailers with Ancillary Services – such as leveling the trailer, maintenance agreements, design assistance. Excludes construction
251 22 Recreational Watercraft – including jet skis, canoes, kayaks, and paddleboats
Trophies, Awards, Presentations, Promotional Products
Category Description
366 22 Trade Show Displays & Exhibit Systems and Related Products – including ancillary services for assembly/set-up, installation and maintenance of Display/Exhibit Systems
366 23 Flags, Banners, Pennants, and Related Products
402 5 Awards – (including Eagle Awards and Military Statues), Plaques, Trophies, Ribbons, Medals, Lapel Pins, Badges, Buttons and Patches – SET ASIDE FOR SMALL BUSINESS
402 7 Presentation and Promotional Products – including Pens & Writing Implements, Rulers, Tape Measures, Magnets, Stress Indicators, Key Tags, Key Rings, Luggage Tags, Pocket Tools, Ice Scrapers, Mugs, Glassware, Plates and Bowls Suitable for Engraving, Imprintable Planners, Portfolios, Calculators, Briefcases, Carrying Cases, Bags and Accessories, Imprintable Computer Accessories, including Mouse Pads and Wrists Rests
402 99 Introduction of New Products/Services related to Trophies, Awards, Presentations, Promotional Materials, Flags, Briefcases, and Carrying Cases