Post-Award Support

Many contractors do not realize that submitting a proposal/bid and being awarded a contract is only the beginning of the contracting process. Most agencies require specific documentation to be presented in writing shortly after award of a contract and prior to beginning actual contract performance. There are also administrative items that must be provided throughout the duration of a contract, depending on the agency awarding the contract. DKA provides assistance with these post-award requirements when requested to do so by our clients. Some of the services related to post-award support are:

  • Assistance with the preparation of required plans and procedures viva video apk required by the agency either prior to the contract start, or during the actual performance of the contract effort. These plans and procedures may include, but are not limited to:
    • Quality Control Plans
    • Staffing Plans
    • Management Plans
    • Contingency/Strike Plans
    • Equipment Plans
    • Key Control Plans
  • Assistance with conrtact phase-in/transition
  • Assistance with negotiation and preparation of contract modifications
  • Assistance with personnel and subcontractor recruitment
  • Assistance with vendor/supplier acquisition
  • Provide ongoing technical and administrative support throughout the life of the contract

The above post-award support is offered to all of our clients. DKA prefers to offer comprehensive assistance and support to our clients; we do not stop with just the proposal preparation. We are available to our clients throughout the life of their contracts to provide whatever assistance is needed to ensure the contract runs smoothly, profitably, and for as long as possible.