Post-Submittal Support

Once an initial proposal or bid is submitted to the requesting agency and prior to award there may be several actions required of a contractor.  These questions could include Clarification Requests and/or Deficiency Reports (CRs/DRs) which require written responses. If these are required, DKA assists with preparation and submission of these responses to the requesting agency.

Another request that may come from the agency is a request for Best and Final Offer (BAFO)/Final Proposal Revision (FPR). These particular responses are especially important as they will determine if a contractor is to be awarded a contract or not. DKA also assists with these responses, providing both input and guidance to ensure the BAFO/FPR is competitive and presents your company in the best possible light.

An agency may want you to participate in an oral presentation of your proposal. In this instance, DKA assists with preparing the presentation (PowerPoint presentation, slides, handouts, etc.) and provides these to you to utilize during your oral presentation. We also assist in preparation of pre-award surveys, where the agency may want you to provide additional information for its review prior to award of a contract.