Professional Services Schedule

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GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) has announced its intent to improve the professional services Schedule offerings. A first step in this initiative will be to consolidate Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) services offerings, specifically those currently listed across the following 8 Schedules plus IT SIN C132-51 and HR SIN C595-21:

  • Consolidated (00CORP)
  • FABS (520)
  • AIMS (541)
  • Language (738II)
  • PES (871)
  • MOBIS (874)
  • LOGWORLD (874V)
  • Environmental (899)

What does this mean for contractors?

If you currently have a contract on one or more of these Schedules, your contract will migrate over and become a Professional Services Schedule contract. All of these will be listed together.

Here is the current proposed timeline:

  • 12/31/14 Nonprofessional service SINS with sales migrated to the appropriate Schedule
  • 01/01/15 Begin migration to Professional Services Schedule
  • 02/28/15 Existing Schedules closed for new offers
  • 03/01/15 New offers accepted under the Professional Services Schedule
  • 11/01/15 Transitions to the Professional Services Schedule substantially complete

If this affects you and you have not heard from your contract administrator, you probably will soon.

DKA can guide you through it. Call (561) 640-9171.

Please contact us if you have further questions; however, please keep in mind that this is a tentative timeline and all dates are subject to change.

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