Proposal Development Services

The first step in winning a Government contract is reviewing the Government solicitation document and preparing a proposal that is fully compliant with the requirements outlined in the Government’s Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Quotation (RFQ), Invitation for Bids (IFB), or Request for Offers (RFO). If the submitted proposal does not provide the information the Government is requesting, in the proper format and with the required number of copies sent to the correct address, your entire proposal effort has probably been wasted. If you have ever reviewed a Government solicitation, then you realize that there can be a tremendous amount of information to sort through to determine exactly what it is that particular Government agency is looking for in response to the solicitation document. This can be a daunting process, even for companies that have had previous Government contracts.

Since 1995, DKA has been deciphering various Government solicitations for numerous industries that are used by the Government and we have done so successfully. Our expertise is not in your particular field of endeavor, but in our ability to review the solicitation, understand its requirements and prepare a compliant response that is acceptable to the Government. This expertise and assistance, along with actual preparation and submission of the proposal response to the Government is what we offer our clients. A properly prepared and submitted proposal is better received by Government evaluators, enabling them to easily review the submitted material and determine a company’s responsiveness and capabilities to perform the requirements of that particular contract effort.

DKA offers the following specific services concerning proposal preparation:

  • Review of the Government solicitation to ascertain specific submission requirements
  • Preparation of an initial proposal outline and creating a list of specific requirements, as mandated by the solicitation, that must be provided by the client to prepare a compliant proposal
  • Development of the written proposal response encompassing technical, management, quality control, past performance, cost and any other requirements of the solicitation, utilizing our client’s input which is specific to the way the client does business
  • Assistance with cost analysis and bidding strategy
  • Initial review of the draft proposal from an evaluator’s standpoint to determine compliance, completeness and accuracy
  • Revision of the written proposal if necessary to ensure compliance with the solicitation’s specific requirements
  • Preparation of the final proposal for review by the client prior to submission to the Government agency
  • Submission of the final document and follow-up to ensure receipt by the correct Government agency within the mandated time frame