Texas Multiple Award Schedules (TXMAS)


Texas Procurement and Support Services

Set Aside: 

The Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS) has established, as an alternative purchasing method, the use of Texas Multiple Award Schedule (TXMAS) contracts that have been developed from contracts awarded by the federal government or any other governmental entity of any state.

As the responsible federal entity, the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Federal Supply Service awards Federal Supply Schedule contracts by competitive procurement procedures for more than 30 schedules that cover multiple commodities and services. The prices reflected on GSA schedule contracts are the most favored customer prices and the maximum price allowable.

TXMAS contracts take advantage of the most favored customer pricing and under certain circumstances, an agency or local government entity, may negotiate a lower price for the goods or services offered on a schedule contract.


TXMAS Schedules by Category

GSA-03FAC Facilities Maintenance and Management
GSA-23 V Automotive Superstore
GSA-36 The Office, Imaging and Document Solution
Keywords: Photocopier
GSA-48 Transportation, Delivery and Relocation Solutions
GSA-51 V Hardware
Keywords: Generator
GSA-520 Financial and Business Solutions
GSA-541 Advertising   Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS)
GSA-56 Buildings and Building Materials/Industrial Services and Supplies
Keywords: Generators, Liquid Storage, Hydraulic Lifts, Fuel Storage Tanks
GSA-58 I Professional Audio/Video, Telecommunications, and Security Solutions
GSA-621 I Professional Medical Healthcare Services
GSA-65 IIA Medical Equipment and Supplies (includes Air Curtain Incinerators)
GSA-65 VII Invitro Diagnostics, Reagents, Test Kits and Test Sets
GSA-66 Scientific Equipment and Services
GSA-67 Photographic equipment – cameras, photographic printers and related supplies   services
GSA-69 Training Aids   Devices, Instructor-Led Training; Course Development; Test Administration
GSA-71 Furniture
GSA-71 11K Comprehensive Furniture Management Services (CFMS)
GSA-72 Furnishing and Floor Coverings
GSA-73 Food Service, Hospitality, Cleaning Equipment and Supplies, Chemicals and Services
Keywords: Garbage cans,
GSA-738 II Language Services
GSA-738 X Human Resources   Equal Employment Opportunity Services
GSA-75 Office Products/Supplies and Services and New Products/Technology
GSA-751 Leasing of Automobiles and Light Trucks
GSA-76 Publication Media
GSA-78 Sports, Promotional, Outdoor, Recreation, Trophies   Signs (Sports), and Off-Road Vehicles
GSA-81 IB Shipping, Packaging, and Packing Supplies
Keywords: Shipping, Packaging, and Packing Supplies
GSA-84 Total Solutions for Law Enforcement
Keywords: Robots, Clothing, Detectors, Security, Night Vision Devices, Drug Testing
GSA-871 Professional Engineering Services
GSA-874 Management, Organization, and Business Improvement Services (MOBIS)
GSA-874V Logistics Worldwide, Moving Services/Office Relocation
Keywords: Logistics
GSA-899 Environmental Services